Rules of V-shooting


  1. General rules

1.1 The competitor must have the equipment to check all distances and dimensions given by the rules. The measuring equipment must be clearly marked and must be intended for measurement in a metric system or in a system which allows regular conversion to metric measures.

1.2 The competitor must be present at the Zoom 5 minutes before the start of his scheduled qualification or elimination round, unless a change is notified by the competent authority.

1.3 Products of the following manufacturers are permitted in V-Shooting plants: PENTASHOT, IQ, ALS, Apeom, EcoAims and Schneider

1.4 The competitor is responsible for the technical condition of his equipment

1.5 Repeated violations of the rules may lead to disqualification of the competitor. The penalty for repeated violations of the rules is decided by the Tournament Directorate

1.6 Refusal to check any parameters given by the rules will be penalized with a 10-second penalty. Repeated rejection in the same round leads to disqualification of the competitor.

1.7 When measuring with one of the competitors in the elimination round, the Referee may mute the opponent’s microphone. The results will be presented as soon as both measurements have been made and both participants can submit their complaints.

1.8 The competitor is responsible for the quality of the internet connection on his part. If the problem persists and the qualification or elimination match cannot continue, the result of the athlete with connection problems will be assessed as unclassified.


  1. Shooting station

2.1 The shooting position consists of a table, marks indicating the width of the shooting position and the target

2.2 Table

2.2.1 The height of the table must be between 70 cm and 80 cm.

2.2.2 The maximum table height for category U11 is 70 cm

2.2.3 Only a laser simulator, a pad (not higher than 2 centimeters) and a telephone or tablet may be on the table

2.3 Shooting position

2.3.1 The width of the shooting position is 1 m.

2.3.2 The width must be clearly marked on both sides.

2.3.3 The competitor’s feet must not touch the marks.

2.3.4 Both legs of the competitor must always be between the two marks, never outside them.

2.3.5 The marks will be checked by the referee before the start of the first shooting series.

2.3.6 In the elimination round, each of the opponents has the right to request a re-measurement of the width of the other’s shooting position.

2.3.7 On the first violation of the rule in the qualifying round, the time of the shooting series in which the violation occurred will not be counted. In the case of the second violation, the competitor will be added 15 seconds to the total time.

2.3.8 In case of violation of the rule by the competitor in the elimination round, the point will be automatically added to the opponent

2.3.9 If a competitor breaks the rule repeatedly (three or more times),  participant risks being expelled from the tournament. Participant´s  punishment will be decided by the tournament directorate.


2.4 Target

2.4.1. It must be located so that its center is 140 cm from the ground.

2.4.2 The location of the target will be checked before the start of the first shooting series.

2.4.3 The target must be placed 5 meters from the far side of the table

2.4.4 The target must have built-in signal lights, external signal lights or must have software that shows the exact time and number of hits (such as a precision target)


  1. Shooting


3.1 Before the start of each shooting series, the competitor must stand with his whole body in an upright position towards the target and his hands free along the body and must not touch the laser simulator.

3.2 No part of the body may touch the table during shooting

3.3 The competitor’s laser simulator must touch the table after each shot

3.3.1 If the laser simulator does not touch the table once, a penalty of 2 seconds follows

3.3.2 If the laser simulator does not touch the table twice, a 5-second penalty follows

3.3.3 After the third offense, 10 seconds are added to the given shooting series in the qualifying round, in the elimination round the point automatically goes to the opponent

3.4 The timing device (stopwatch, telephone, application phone, watch or computer display) must be visible to the referee throughout the shooting.

3.5 In the elimination round, competitors are not allowed to speak during the shooting of their opponent

3.6 The time measurement starts at the first hit of the target and ends with the last hit, or after 50 seconds

3.7 During the shooting, both legs of the competitor must be on the ground. The knees or any other part of the competitor’s body must not touch the ground.


  1. Equipment

4.1.  Equipment used by participants in competitions must be on the aprroved equipment list

4.2.  Any exception must be allowed by the HomeLaserShooting management